• Napsugár Puppet Theatre Békéscsaba

The Napsugár Puppet Theatre of Békéscsaba was founded on 1 January 2005 as the 13th professional puppet theatre in Hungary. Its predecessor was Mesevilág, which had been operating since 1949, and then Napsugár Bábcsoport. Since then, the institution has been working hard to attract its audience not only for the performance itself, but also for the spirit of the place.

From September to May, in addition to the seasonal events, the puppet theatre also offers Saturday performances of the Baby Theatre and Sunshine Afternoons. The first programme is aimed at children under 4 years old, while the second offers entertainment for children and their families from the age of 5.

The repertoire is diverse in terms of genre, adapting to the needs of different age groups and also open to adults.

Visitors to the Napsugár Puppet Theatre are greeted by old and new puppets and puppet theatre sets. The magic begins in the corridors. A playhouse for the little ones before the performances and a play area in the theatre space after the show. At the end of the performances, the older children can take a look at the set and touch the puppets.

Every season, the Puppet Playwriting Competition is held, giving the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the workshops and rehearsals. Every three years, an International Puppet Festival is held, where visitors can see the best of the best of national and international puppetry.

The puppet theatre is all about children, stories and shared family experiences. It is a community space. Its mission is not only to "educate the theatre-savvy audience of the future" but also to contribute in its own way to ensuring that children do not lose their openness and capacity for play as they grow up.

Napsugár Puppet Theatre

5600 Békéscsaba, Andrássy út 3.

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