• Munkácsy Memorial House Békéscsaba

In 1994, on the 150th anniversary of Mihály Munkácsy's birth, the great Hungarian painter's memorial house was opened here in Békéscsaba, in the beautiful 8-room mansion built by his relatives in the 1840s.

Mihály's sister Gizella, one of the orphaned Lieb children, was raised in this house by the Steiner family. Miska was a frequent guest in this house with his foster father, István Reök.

He spent the last happy moments of his childhood within these walls.

Entering the house, you can learn about the painter's life through authentic documents and get a comprehensive picture of his work through 21 original works, including sketches, study figures, salon paintings and portraits.

After the Steiner family, the house was occupied by the Omaszta family for nearly a hundred years. Their furniture and objects were preserved by the Lutheran Church: the room settings assembled from these pieces provide information about the bourgeois, middle-class world of Békéscsaba at the turn of the century.

These treasures will be on display in a brand new, interactive and very spectacular exhibition in the Munkácsy Memorial House, which reopened on 6 September 2022. The Omaszta Garden is located next to the beautifully restored building. The English park with its charming philagoria and native vegetation is a worthy addition to this 19th century bourgeois milieu.

Munkácsy Memorial House

5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 5.

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