• Csabagyöngye Cultural Centre

The Csabagyöngye Cultural Centre, one of the most important complex cultural and public institutions of the county and the region, is located in the centre of Békéscsaba, close to the main square. Its central institutional unit, formerly known as the "Ifiház", was founded in 1969. In 2010, following mergers of municipal institutions, the centre took over the operation of the community centres in the municipal districts.

In January 2013, the Agora project created a modern, multifunctional community and public cultural centre with more than 6,000 m² of floor space by converting, extending and completely renovating the former Ifiház. The project has resulted in one of the most versatile public cultural institutions in the region, both architecturally and professionally. The building is fully accessible, with state-of-the- art technology in all rooms, some of which can be connected to each other on request. The building also features a number of community rooms, multifunctional halls and exhibition spaces, a café and restaurant, and a terrace along the "Élővíz-canal", providing a unique setting for events in the city centre.

The premises of the institution are the Arany János Culture House in Mezőmegyer, the Community House in Jamina, the Community House in Lencsési, the Story House and the Munkácsy Memorial House.

The institution's activities are characterised by a diversity of arts, genres, services, and numerous forms of cultural and social activities. The professional history of the central institutional unit goes back almost 50 years, offering a comprehensive spectrum of activities in all areas of public culture. It is the organiser of numerous major events and prestigious festivals, and the organiser and broadcaster of a large number of city celebrations, anniversaries and community events.

Summer camps, thematic series, popular music concerts, educational lectures and temporary art exhibitions are also part of the programme, with a special focus on supporting youth activities. In addition to its own programmes and social events, the institution is a willing host and organiser of external events. In addition to events, community care is another pillar of the institution's professional work. The network currently runs and supports around 130 groups for children, young people and adults.

In 2018, the Csabagyöngye Cultural Centre was awarded the "Quality in Public Culture Award" for the second time, the highest quality development recognition in the profession.

Csabagyöngye Cultural Centre

5600 Békéscsaba, Széchenyi u. 4.

Monday-Saturday: 7.45-21.00


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